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Volunteering with help2kids makes you experience Africa first hand.

help2kids offers 15 volunteer placements in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and 12 volunteer placements in Leopard Bay (Malawi). You can combine both countries and all projects. In general, we recommend to visit both countries to experience the big contrasts between the "original" African way of living in the countryside (Leopard Bay, Malawi) and the living in big African cities (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) nowadays. So for example you can choose to spend one month in Tanzania and one month in Malawi. 

The cost to volunteer at help2kids is as follows: In Tanzania we offer a weekly rate of USD 175 which covers most meals, comfortable accommodation, security and in-country support. In Malawi our operating prices are lower and for that reason we are able to offer a slightly lower volunteering cost of USD 140 per week. 

Our volunteers play a very important part in the care and nurture of our children. They teach a lot of English, mathematics, and environmental issues. Moreover, they organize trips to the beach, sport activities, and health and hygiene classes. Many of our volunteers also support our managers and foster mothers in all kinds of duties: the kinds that usually arise like going to the market, hospital, social welfare office or to partner organizations and orphanages. 

Information about our projects and the work of the volunteers in Malawi can be found on our "Malawi"-Website. We run a primary school and nursery school project, as well as sport projects and a clinic project.

In Tanzania, the volunteers have the choice to support us on the following projects: Children's Home, English-Tuition at the Primary School, IT-Tuition at the Primary School, and support at the nursery school in Kunduchi.

You should be at least 18 years old and willing to stay one month either in Tanzania or Malawi. At our guest houses "The Friendly Gecko" we offer a comfortable and safe stay with many people around if you need anything. 

Would you like to support us in Tanzania or Malawi?

Our application process is simple and easy. As a first step please fill out the application form below. It is not binding and we just need it to check whether there is a volunteer placement available during your requested time and to send you more information regarding your placement, the costs and the visa. At the end you will receive the access information to our secured volunteer website with a lot of additional information for your stay in Tanzania and / or Malawi.  

We also offer private lessons in Swahili or Chichewa with our specialized language teacher (he comes directly to the guest house). This helps you to immerse yourself in Tanzanian and Malawian life and get the most out of your time here (even if many people do know English but on a very basic level). The children are always happy to welcome new people from all over the world. Your help will be very much appreciated! 

As mentioned above please fill out the following application form and we will let you know about the availability of a volunteer placement and all other necessary information:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail in English, French, Italian or German to You can also call Jo in Tanzania (+255 684 559 767 / Language: English) or Francesca in Malawi (+265 997 833 001 / Language: English or Italian).

Jo and Francesca can also be reached over Skype. If they are offline these calls will be automatically and free of charge forwarded to Francesca's cell phone in Malawi. Just click on the Skype button below and she will be happy to help you with any question:  

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Volunteer Area

On our secured volunteer website you can find a lot of additional information, pictures and data about volunteering in general, our children and organization (in English, German and French). If you have not received the access information after finishing the application process, please send us a message to

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Volunteer-Impressions from Malawi


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