Welcome to help2kids, a young and dynamic non-profit organization. We support children in need, and we strive to enable them to pursue a sustainable future. We believe that small actions have big effects. 

help2kids offers children the opportunity for education, nutrition, and a place to live. We strive to help people who cannot participate in a world of globalization and profit maximization. We strive to give young people a lasting perspective that will help them to achieve a better life.

We run a children's home in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where we can house and take care of up to 35 children. We also support a local primary school for up to 300 children and run a nursery school. In Malawi, we support a public primary school and clinic and run a nursery school.

It is our ultimate objective and principle to help kids NOW! Children are the weakest link in our society. Hence, we are committed to render every possible assistance to ensure that they achieve a sustainable future. 



Classroom renovations in Malawi

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