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help2kids partner health clinic 


In Lifuwu village we work with the rural health center assigned to the area. The clinic has one medical assistant, Mr. Zakeyo, and two nurses who work under his supervision, addressing common diseases such as malaria, various infections, as well as mild fractures. The clinic also provides HIV testing and counseling. Additionally, the clinic assists pregnant women throughout pregnancy and birth, and also provides family planning.

help2kids Malawi: Outreach health program

The clinic provides outreach services to the neighboring villages, which, are far away from health facilities. This includes monitoring and assessing the growth and well being of children under five, providing appropriate vaccinations for these children, and providing a supplementary feeding program when the supplies needed are available.


In Malawi, the ratio of patients per doctor is 50,000 to one. For dentists, the ratio is even higher at 450,000 to one. In 2012 it was estimated there were 45,600 deaths due to HIV/AIDS. 10.8 percent of the adult population (aged 15-49) is currently living with HIV/AIDS which is the 9th highest prevalence rate in the world. HIV is a problem in the village, and while it is widespread, it is stigmatized and not readily discussed. The clinic has instituted an HIV prevention program, as well as a family planning program, but both have room for expansion.

14 The Lifuwu Health Centre has huge potential. Like many rural areas in Africa, local clinics lack the basic equipment and machines to run smoothly in order to provide the patients with adequate care. Just to name a few things, the clinic in Lifuwu is short on bed linen (so pregnant women often lie on dirty mattresses), hot plates for sterilizing equipment, and lack thermometers.


The Role of a Volunteer 

Any kind of assistance and support for the clinic is much appreciated. Medical professionals, as well as retired doctors, are especially welcome to volunteer their time and services. The knowledge transfer for both parties can be invaluable. If you have a particular specialty or experience in a certain type of medical/health field, we will find a placement in which you can be of best use within the clinic. Please be aware that if you are interested in volunteering as a doctor or a nurse you need to be registered with the Medical Council of Malawi for your placement, and this registration process often takes some time.

Volunteers without any medical background also have the opportunity to help with general assistance, administrative tasks, and especially with activities and events that promote awareness of certain health-issues. All volunteers also have the opportunity to travel to surrounding villages as part of the Clinic’s outreach program where you can help the health assistants take down weights, and perform other administrative tasks.


 Health Project in Tanzania 

The help2kids Health Project believes in promoting health and wellness, preventing illness, providing access to healthcare, and partnering with health organizations to build strong communities.

The Health Project promotes health and wellness through educational workshops and discussions. It prevents illness by providing important resources like mosquito nets, health and hygiene kits, and first aid kits. The help2kids Health Project provides access to quality healthcare to children in need- offering transportation to and from the hospital, covering the visit and any necessary medicine or treatment. The Health Project also partners with health-related organizations to foster a healthier community together.



Currently, the help2kids Health Project serves the 31 children at our Children’s Home, all 300 students at Bajeviro, and three partner orphanages in the community including, Mwandaliwa Orphanage Centre, where we also support the nursery school. Our other two partner orphanages are Chakuwama and Watoto Wetu Tanzania. The help2kids Health Project treats approximately 600 children throughout Dar es Salaam. 

In addition to providing medical treatment and care for all beneficiaries of the Health Project, help2kids believes in the importance of health education and prevention. Paired with important resources to protect and treat our children, health education is vital to the health and wellbeing of children. The help2kids Health Project works to reduce the number of preventable illnesses by providing the necessary health resources and teaching children and their families how to use them.

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More on our Partner Orphanages:

Health Project Coordinator Editha delivers mosquito nets for each child at Mwandaliwa Orphanage Centre Health Project Coordinator Editha delivers mosquito nets for each child at Mwandaliwa Orphanage Centre
Mosquito Net Distribution: Mwandaliwa Orphanage Centre

As part of the help2kids Health Project, we provide mosquito nets to more than 600 children throughout Dar es Salaam Here, the help2kids Health Project Coordinator distributes nets to Mwandaliwa Orphanage Centre, providing one for each of the 73 children that live there.